IntelliGuard Plus


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‘- High-definition recording and playback for clear monitoring.
– Intelligent motion detection technology to minimize false alerts.
– Cost-effective solution without compromising quality.
– Easy setup and user-friendly interface for quick installation and configuration.
– Reliable performance and storage efficiency.
– Suitable for both residential and small business surveillance needs.


Introducing the IntelliGuard Plus DVR, a dependable and feature-packed surveillance solution at an affordable price.
Engineered with a balance of performance and value, this mid-range DVR system offers high-definition recording and
playback, ensuring you never miss a moment. The IntelliGuard Plus is equipped with intelligent motion detection
technology, minimizing false alerts and maximizing storage efficiency. With its intuitive user interface and easy setup,
you can quickly configure your system and start monitoring in no time. Backed by robust security features and a userfriendly experience, the IntelliGuard Plus is the ideal choice for those seeking reliable and cost-effective home


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